About Us

The Lavender farm was created through their joy of creating flower gardens for all to enjoy and in remembrance of family, even though experts like UGA stated we could not grow lavender in Georgia. The Red Oak Lavender Farm was not easy to create, due to Georgia hard red clay and large amounts of rainfall. Starting out with only shovels and a walk behind tiller, they kept hearing the famous line, "Built it and they will come." Now seven years later, the farm is a reality for all to enjoy and make special memories.
  • Lavender was Tina's grandmother (Zora Sumrow) from Bryson City, NC favorite flower and color and she always grew flowers. Tina remembers her grandmother's home with its abundant flower gardens and helped her in the summer cut fresh flowers. 
  • David's Grandparents (Worther Lee & Annie Mae Duffey) actually had a farm in Stockbridge, GA, when it was country. David helped them everyday in the field. His favorite memories are of Grandmother's Dahlias and her growing them.
By David and Tina growing lavender, Dahlias, and all flowers allows us to remember and honor our grandparents. We hope by visiting the farm you make lasting memories and remember your connections to your family and friends. 
Tina is a retired elementary school teacher. She always had a love for flowers, a trait she earned naturally from her grandma. She also believes in the benefits flowers have. She also enjoys making natural products and studying herbs and its benefits, especially lavender. She is certified in herbal "Shaker style" training, from John C. Campbell School in NC.

David is a retired engineer from Georgia's DOT and loves hiking. With David's knowledge and experience he created just the right mix of amendments for our soil that has benefited us growing lavender a success.

Together they love the outdoors and nature and so working the farm was a natural endeavor to do together. They also love seeing our customers and talking with them about their love for lavender and how the farm is so unique - to see lavender in this quantity so far south and to be able to take our harvested lavender and create wonderful natural products. 
The back portion of the farm with lavender growing. Its early spring and the lavender is just waking up and beginning to spike here.
We have lavender in the front and sides of our property too. All 2.5 acres with different varieties.