About Us

David Duffey
David’s knowledge and expertise began by working as an engineer for the State of Georgia's DOT in the area of materials for roads and bridges. He learned about lavender through meeting and marrying Tina.  David expanded the lavender farm and improved the success of growing lavender at the farm. While working with lavender he learned first hand the benefits of lavender and has not had a cold or bronchitis since being at the farm. He stated this was no coincidence. David enjoys seeing the progress of the farm and others enjoying the farm. 
David is responsible for managing the fields and our outside staff, as well as all products going through strict research and trials before being a part of our store inventory. His knowledge of amendments have made a change in our fields and lavender growth a success. He has also allowed our farm to expand to being the top lavender farm in Georgia. His thorough research and development has also allowed us to now propagate our own lavender to expand our fields and inventory of plants for sale.  In August 2021 with the purchase of our neighboring land we have more than doubled our farm and plan to expand our lavender fields.
Tina Duffey
Tina’s love for lavender began when she was young helping her grandmother garden and then later planted lavender at her own home in 2008 and found she could get it to grow. She later decided to grow lavender in her pasture on a larger scale after taking a class and a year long research. She planted her first large field of 500 plants in 2014 and by the next year sold her lavender bundles at the local farmer's market. She then had the carport enclosed to sell her lavender products at the farm, and to show everyone how lavender grows. 
Then in 2017 she expanded her hand on knowledge of  lavender when she traveled to the Provence area of France and talked with the lavender growers/owners and even distiller there. Tina also had her mentor from Sequim, Washington visit her farm and inspected her lavender fields and conferenced with her how to move forward.  She learned over the many years the benefits of lavender and began creating her own lavender products through her experience at the local Homestead group and then became certified as an herbalist in 2020 through a week long Shaker Herbal Class at John C. Campbell School in NC.  What could be more true and natural than growing, harvesting, and distilling for essential oil her own lavender to create the highest quality of lavender products which are sold in her French cottage lavender shop. In February of 2021 Tina shared her knowledge as a presenter for the United States of Lavender Conference (ZOOM).
Both Tina and David continue to expand their knowledge on lavender by visiting other lavender farms and speak with the growers from Ireland, Sequim, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, and have mentored several lavender farms here in Georgia and surrounding states. They have both attended week long lavender conferences and are members of the United States of Lavender Growers Association.
Today their farm has 4,000 lavender plants of 19 different varieties and propagate their lavender for resale. August 2021 they have more then doubled their farm, which includes a pond and plan to increase their lavender fields, adding a hoop house to increase growing season and to  and stock their pond with catfish with picnic tables surrounding the pond creating a wonderful relaxing space among the pond and trees. What a wonderful place to take in the relaxing aroma of lavender and take in the beauty of all the flowers. This farm is a perfect place to relax and make wonderful memories with family and friends. 
The Lavender farm was created through their joy of creating flower gardens for all to enjoy and in remembrance of family, even though experts like UGA stated we could not grow lavender in Georgia. The Red Oak Lavender Farm was not easy to create, due to Georgia hard red clay and large amounts of rainfall. Starting out with only shovels and a walk behind tiller, they kept hearing the famous line, "Built it and they will come." Now eight years later, the farm is a reality for all to enjoy and make special memories. 
By David and Tina growing lavender, Dahlias, and all flowers allows us to remember and honor our grandparents. We hope by visiting the farm you make lasting memories and remember your connections to your family and friends. 
So come on out and learn a little more about lavender and take in the sight and scent of lavender relaxing properties. 
We propagate our own lavender for resale in the Spring.