Photographers Dream

Whether you are a noice or a professional photographer our farm has it all for you! From Lavender in bloom from May-June, Perennial Flower Gardens from May - Autumn, and our popular Sunflowers in Autumn. Check our Facebook page for current blooming conditions. Farm and Gardens are open during our Shop hours.



Photos can be taken by novice for fun at no fee during open shop hours. Don't forget to tag us if you share! We not only have the flowers from A-Z to take your shot at capturing, but also so many butterflies and bees! 


*For Professional Photographers - where can you, in one place, get so many photo opts to please your clients? Lavender is amazing for photos, but we also have 2 Gazebos, Arbors, Gardens, Barn, and even Lavender Fields Backdrops (when lavender is just so so). Fee for Open Shop Hours are just $25 an hour. Just contact us to schedule your time, so we do not have too many professionals in the field at once. Please be aware that Open Shop Hours will have visitors in the gardens. For After Shop Hours, which are private for you - check out fees and information - email us! We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.