Photographers Dream

Whether you are a noice or a professional photographer our farm has it all for you! From Lavender in bloom from May-June, Perennial Flower Gardens from May - Autumn, and our popular Sunflowers in Autumn. Check our Facebook page for current blooming conditions. Farm and Gardens are open during our Shop hours.

*Note: Here in Georgia we cannot grow in rows and rows like in France due to our high humidity and large yearly rainfall.



Photos can be taken by novice for fun at no fee during open shop hours. Don't forget to tag us if you share! We not only have the flowers from A-Z to take your shot at capturing, but also so many butterflies and bees! 

Professionals: We are SOLD OUT for closed shop hours for this year.

*For Professional Photographers - where can you, in one place, get so many photo opts to please your clients? Lavender is amazing for photos.

We also have 2 Gazebos, Arbors, 50 varieties of Flowers, 900 Dahlias Gardens (May - September), Barn, Wooded back boarder of property, and even about 4,000 + Lavender plants (The big Intermedia Lavender full bloom in  June (exact date depends on weather), while other varieties bloom from April - September).  Each Lavender variety and flower has their own time to bloom. 

Fee for Open Shop Hours are just $25 an hour and photographers just pay this upon arriving to the farm. Please be aware that Open Shop Hours will have visitors in the gardens. We work hard everyday and large expense goes into maintaining our farm in as pristine condition as possible. 

Closed Hours Prices During Wednesday - Sunday:

Hourly from 4-6pm - Wednesday -Sunday: 150. an hour.

Hourly from 6-8pm - Wednesday - Sunday: 175.00 an hour

Total of 4 complete hours together: 550.00 Total

For After Shop Hour Photography - Deposit needs to be made to reserve your time. Balance is due upon arrival with CC or cash. All fees are non-refundable.

Contact us to schedule your time for After Shop Hours reservations, which are private for you -  email us! We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

*You can also sign up at this link and we will send you an invoice for deposit (50% of total fee) to reserve your time.

*Note: Photographers for After Closed Shop Hours are not allowed to share time with another photographer due to amount of people at once at the farm after closed hours. We share our farm with others due to making lasting memories in photos. But this is also our private home residence as well. 

Our insurance providers state that all photographers coming to the farm after shop hours must have liability insurance and are responsible for their clients. ROL is not responsible for any injuries or loss. Proof of photographer liability certificate is required at time of booking. 

We highly recommend that photographers visit the farm before you place your deposit, so you are aware of the farm layout and lighting. 

We cannot guarantee full bloom during your scheduled time of shoot, since Mother Nature is involved in the blooming of all our plants. Please check our Facebook page for weekly updated photos of our farm. Due to our very busy schedule in summer at the farm we do not send current photos directly to any photographer.

*Note: No rain dates are permitted, since we trying to reschedule within the time of full bloom is very limited - just two weeks, But we do try our best to accommodate. Rain at your place does not always mean it is raining at the farm. 

Sharing photos with us or on social media allows us to share - so be sure to add your studio name and we will help to promote.

Lavender down back pf property - many many rows and our coneflowers.
Gazebo beginning in March 2021. We will be adding David Austin Roses, Lavender, Salivia, and Pink Foxgloves. Prefect backdrop for photos.
We have 500 Dahlias that will bloom this 2021 year.
March - Colonial Wattle Fencing around Coneflower, Strawflowers, & Statice Flower Beds.