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Our Farm

Red Oak Lavender Farm is the largest and open to the public lavender farm in North Georgia. Among the beautiful mountains and valleys of Dahlonega, Georgia with grapevines and wineries, lavender seemed the perfect crop to grow. We grow about 2,000 lavender plants of twenty different varieties of lavender from the famous Buena Vista and Royal Velvet culinary variety to the popular Grosso lavender with its long stems and pungent smell. We have plans to fill our acres with lavender for all to visit and enjoy the beauty and smell of lavender.
Please note that most United States Lavender Farms are simple farms with a farm house and different test gardens that grow lavender. In Georgia it is very difficult to grow lavender due to our acidic clay soil and our humidity and cannot grow the rows and rows of lavender you see in well known pictures when lavender comes to mind to most people. But we do our best and have created a miracle here in Georgia to grow the lavender we do in one place. We also do our best to help educate about lavender - that there are over 450 different varieties and that there are lavender you can cook with and others that are best for lotions and bath products, but not good for tasting, and how to know the difference. Each of the 450 different types of lavenders each has their own smell, taste, and color.
All of our lavender is grown organically and tended to by hand to provide the highest quality of lavender products. We also raise our own bees right here in our lavender field for the highest of all quality honey - "Lavender honey" and not just infused, but lavender honey made by the bees! We can't forget to mention our chickens that give us an array of fresh eggs daily! So come on out to our farm and shop to enjoy "A Little Bit" of what we call Provence, France right here in Georgia!
The cost to explore during the month of June only is $5.00 per adult, which you can use as store credit on any purchases of $50.00 or more.
Although we love animals, we do not allow pets at the farm. 
We do harvest throughout the weeks of summer.
The optimum time to see lavender in bloom in Georgia is in June!
 To read more about the blooming time in Georgia, please go here.
We are completely booked this year for professional photo sessions? Click here for more information.
Hours: Wednesday - Friday 11 - 3 pm and Saturday 10 - 4 pm