When is the best time to see lavender in bloom in Georgia? June for Lavender But we have other flowers in bloom from Spring - Autumn

How do I cook with lavender? There are many recipes online and we do have a Lavender Cookbook in our shop.

How can I book a professional photo shoot or mini-sessions? Email us for a photographer's information sheet.

Is the farm wheelchair accessible? The shop and the front yard is. The back yard has grass between rows and slants back to the woods. 

Are pets allowed on the farm? No, I'm so sorry. We sell culinary lavender to restaurants, tea companies, and distilleries so we cannot allow dogs on the property. Dog urine will also kill lavender. We do however love dogs and all animals.

Do you have a shop? Yes, everything lavender - products we make from our farm to you and even the other flowers we grow on the farm.

What events do we have? See Events page classes and dates.

Can visitors take photos? Non professional photographers- yes during shop hours, please tag your photos. Professionals - please email us to sign up and get fees.

Do deer like lavender? Don't believe what you have read. Yes, deer will eat lavender. The only way to keep deer out is an electric fence. Now once you have more traffic in your area they tend not to get into the lavender.

Do you sell lavender plants and flowers? Yes, from the end of April through till July.

How to plant Lavender? Sign up for our class. 

*We will have u-pick lavender all during the summer beginning in mid June. Get your tickets inside the shop or online at beginning of May.  You must have a ticket purchased in advance to limit how many people are in the u-pick field at one time to allow distancing. Thank you for understanding.

Do you allow u-pick with Perennial flowers or Sunflowers? Sunflowers we allow u-pick when in bloom and will also have fresh bouquets of Sunflowers in our shop. We don't allow u-pick of Perennial flowers since they are easily damaged due to some stocks of the flowers are tender. But we do have fresh cut bouquets of Perennials in our shop and even some potted flowers too!

How do I dry my lavender from my garden? It’s important to harvest when 1/3 of the blooms have opened, then bundle together and hang upside down in a air conditioned building. Never hang in a barn or any outside building here in the South to dry, since your bundles will mold. Our climate just won't allow us to do this. I have dried lavender in my dining room and guest bedrooms in the beginning. We now dry bundles in our basement and in the shop. And yes, we get buds everywhere, but that's a lavender home and the smell and health benefits are so good.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. We would be glad to also take any recommendations for our FAQs page.